The dance and theatre festival by and for children and youth

In 2017, the dance and theatre festival Rampenlichter staged 13 productions by and with children and young people, presenting a selection representative of contemporary, young performance art.


A review of 2016’s exciting festival can be found here.

What is special about Rampenlichter is how it brings together children and young people, aged 6 to 27 from all social and cultural backgrounds together in a common artistic space, addressing viewers of all ages. It thus promotes artistic creation and cultural participation of children and young people in an integrative manner.


The aims of the festival

Rampenlichter is based on the concept that dance and theatre productions by and with children and young people intrinsically have a high artistic value. However, it requires a space in which the results of children and young people’s artistic practices are made accessible to a broader public. Rampenlichter therefore offers a presentation and exchange platform for the immense variety and diversity of stage productions with children and young people. The social goal of the festival and the various artistic and cultural education projects involved in the festival, is to provide the participants with access to arts and culture. Rampenlichter enables them to implement their participatory artistic creativity and make an important contribution to fairness in participation.

The artistic goal of the festival is the development, promotion and public recognition of the demanding productions produced by children and young people, through which they develop their own aesthetics.


One of Munich’s great festivals

Rampenlichter has presented up to 17 different dance and theatre productions from Munich, Germany and a wide variety of other countries through about 34 evening and school class performances. Additionally, it has held 50 dance and theatre workshops, an exchange programme for young artists and a public art space on the festival grounds.

The involvement of up to 30 volunteers and interns from secondary schools, training companies, technical colleges and universities as well as approx. 5,000 visitors makes Rampenlichter one of Munich’s major festivals in the fields of dance and theatre.

It is one of Germany’s largest festivals in the field of youth culture. Rampenlichter takes place in one of Munich’s most exciting places, the grounds of „schwere reiter“ theatre, where the creative quarter of Munich has and continues to develop and grow.


Groups performing at Rampenlichter will participate in the festival for at least seven days. The young artists rehearse in “schwere reiter” on the theatre’s professional stage (formerly a performance space of the Münchner Kammerspiele), present their plays and visit performances of other groups. They take part in workshops and teach their own dance and theatre  workshops for other groups and school classes. The young ensembles also take part in public talks and engage in intensive exchanges with young people from other cities and countries both in specially organised forums and informally at the festival’s evening fests.

In the 50 – inclusive – dance and theatre workshops, led by experienced and internationally active cultural educators and artists, more than 1000 children and young people of all ages and types of schools, children and young people open to any disabled students and participants as well as refugees, offering all participants with the opportunity to be artistically active together. Here they can make the valuable experience of how enriching the diversity of people in an artistic process can be.

Young people from grades 7 to 9, especially from support centres, secondary schools and higher education classes, can gain useful career experience in the framework of a one- to two-week internship.

In ArtExchange: artists, cultural educators and the young artists engage in an exchange of the viewpoints and interpretations about their artistic work with interested festival visitors . Together they explore the meaning of outstanding aesthetics of children and young people.

In the new program, an art-play-space on the grounds and around the festival venue, children and young people from all over the city, the young performing artists, the international groups, children and young people with disabilities and young refugees will work together as artists.

By linking the branches of staging, workshops, internships, exchange forums and art-play-space, Rampenlichter creates a completely new educational space in which unplanned and new things can emerge.



A platform for national and international dance and theatre productions performed by children and youth

Children and young people have something to say and create their own stage worlds!

Rampenlichter_Festival_04In their productions, children and young people deal with topics that are touching and relevant for both them and our wider society. Here they create their own moving, sometimes irritating stage worlds.

These pieces are incomparable, each is unique. Therefore, we must pay special attention to the artistic participation of children and young people during the festival’s selection process. At Rampenlichter, children are significantly involved in the texts, choreographies, film scenes, music pieces, stage sets, masks, sound and lighting technology as well as in the workshop program.

After ten years, Rampenlichter has become an important platform for German and international dance and theatre productions with children and young people. This applies to the multigenerational, general public, whether they are generally interested in culture, families or school classes, or as guest groups. The festival contributes to cultural diversity and enriches Munich’s social scene.


Rampenlichter creates space for a unique, integrative, inclusive, generation-spanning and artistically sophisticated dance and theatre festival!