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for the friendly support and the cost-effective use of rooms for rehearsals and workshops!

for the friendly support and the cost-neutral use of event rooms!


for the long-term support and inexpensive rental of various tents!


for the great advertising support on MVG’s onboard passenger television!

Rampenlichter has been awarded as an outstanding festival by the European Festival Association (EFA). The EFFE label is Europe’s quality label for remarkable art festivals, which are highlighted for their work in the field of art, their social commitment and their international openness.

EFFE stands for “Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe” and is initiated by the European Festival Association EFA and supported by the European Commission and Parliament. EFFE maintains a Europe-wide database and aims to create a space for discussion that gives art more space in our societies. The EFA aims to unite European and international festivals and support the cultural life of Europe as a platform for art festivals.

Rampenlichter was moreover nominated for the EFFE Award in 2019.