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Further Information

How did you hear about the open call for Rampenlichter 2019?

You will be informed via phone or email if you have been selected to participate in the Rampenlichter festival 2019 by January 15th, 2019. If so, we will inform you about the day of your performance and the date of your stay in Munich by the end of March.

We acknowledge and agree upon the following information on the participation in Rampenlichter and agree with (please tick off):

It is possible for our group to realize a participation of seven days in the period from July 3rd to July 19th, 2019 without any temporal limitation.

We agree on staging our piece in one evening show and one morning show for pupils plus potentially one show in the afternoon.

We acknowledge that Rampenlichter provides for the costs of public transportation within Munich, for the hostel (bed and breakfast), a warm dinner at the festival grounds and snacks during the day in our catering tent.

We acknowledge and understand that Rampenlichter will NOT pay for the travel costs to and from Munich.

We understand that if we are invited, we will receive a deadline for additional information material to be used in the Rampenlichter program booklet, as well as for the submission of the stage, lightning and make-up plans.

We acknowledge that the performance length cannot be changed.

We do have acknowledged the pdf document „stage and technics information” on We therefore understand, that technical requests which may exceed Rampenlichter`s stage and technic features, might not be realizable. Special requests have to be made by previous consultation, though might still not be realizable.

Link zu Infos zu Bühnen und Technik (pdf)

Royalties and GEMA (society for musical copyright enforcement) charges are paid by Rampenlichter.

We will send a selection of not more than ten photos with indication of the authors via email to

We confirm obligatory:

that during our stay in Munich, we will participate in the young artists program of the festival and will visit workshops, think tanks and shows staged by other groups.

that we do have the dramatic rights for the piece performed at Rampenlichter.

that you do possess statements of agreement of the photographed person(s) shown on the sent in photos. Those photographs may be used to inform about Rampenlichter (online and print), free of charge.

After successfully sending the application you will receive an email of confirmation and a copy of your application form.