Hopefully next summer’s restrictions will have less impact on the festival than it is currently the case with events. Nevertheless, we will of course create a comprehensive concept to ensure that Rampenlichter is a safe and great experience for everyone involved.

Some general rules can be found here for your orientation. They will be revised and updated regularly.

Since we don’t know which rules we will have to adhere to specifically at the festival in July 2021, we are defining some general rules based on our experiences this summer, which we will presumably have to adapt to in the future, too. In the case of Rampenlichter, we will of course observe the rules of distance and hygiene in force at the time, so that everyone involved and the audience can feel as safe as possible. We will adapt these rules to the current requirements and provide information on this page.

Corona regulations

1. Check your status

Anyone having unspecific general symptoms such as cough, rhinitis, sore throat or fever should not visit the festival site until there are no more symptoms or a COVID-19 disease has been ruled out. Those who develop symptoms during the festival, please leave the festival and contact the Rampenlichter team immediatly by phone or email.

2. The AHA + L effect

In german AHA + L stands for distance, hygiene, mask and airing and is at this stage assumed to be a quite effective formula against the spread of the virus. To keep your distance, observe hygiene rules, wear an everyday mask and to ventilate regularly is common sense for everyone. At the festival a distance of 1.5 meters is to be kept between each other at all times. If impossible, an everyday mask (covering both mouth and nose) is to be worn. All festival guests, participants and visitors should observe these rules of distance both indoors and outdoors. But we will also remind you and mark areas where masks are compulsory.

3. Tell me who you are

In order to be able to track possible infection chains, all guests and participants provide private contact information. This enables us to inform the appropriate group of people if a COVID-19 infection related to the festival becomes known.

4. In the spotlight

According to the current state of affairs, only 10 people are allowed to stand in the spotlight on stage at this edition of the festival. For this reason, we have to limit the size of one ensemble to a maximum of 10 people (plus additional accompanying persons) already at the time of application in order to comply with the current and presumably still valid distance regulations for stage performances, rehearsals and workshops.
According to the current status, this fixed group may be on stage at the same time without an everyday mask and may also undercut the minimum distance of 1.5 metres.

5. Partner groups at the festival

As far as the regulations for events and workshops allow, we plan to form partner groups as always at Rampenlichter, which will jointly participate in the ArtExchange program with talks and workshops. The formats will be designed in a way allowing all participants to adhere applicable rules at all times (e.g. through group division and parallel workshops, appropriate room size, outdoor events, etc.).

6. Rampenlichter formats

In accordance with the regulations for events, the festival will be comprehensively compatible with according rules. In most cases, this means that we have a reduced number of seats and participants (in the theater or at workshops). The different formats are designed in such a way that they can take place under adapted conditions. The festival’s own hygiene concept applies to all areas, from the foyer to the stage, the auditorium, workshop rooms, outer tents and the backstage area for instance.

Corona regulations as PDF

By following the rules, we all together and each one of us jointly take responsibility for ourselves and the people around us.

Basic information (in German only):
Hygienekonzept des schwere reiter
Rechtsgrundlagen Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Gesundheit und Pflege
Hygienekonzept Kulturelle Veranstaltungen und Proben BayMBl. 2020

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