Rampenlichter is a platform for artistic exchange

A wide variety of dance and theatre productions by and with children and young people come together at Rampenlichter. The festival is a forum of encounter and exchange for children and young people from Munich (Germany) and a variety other countries.

In the Rampenlichter discussion-rounds, young artists have the opportunity to be part of an intensive exchange about various stagings and artistic approaches. The starting point for lively discussions, new experiences and insights are the performances shown at Rampenlichter, as well as dance and theatre workshops led by the performing groups.

The young actors and dancers are given the opportunity to talk about the processes involved in developing and staging their plays. They learn from each other about the artistic means and methods they use and how these frameworks influence their artistic work in the projects, depending on their origins as artists.

Discussion rounds, additionally, will also focus on fostering a dialogue with visitors of all ages. The artists face the feedback and questions of their audience and explore with the artistic process across generations.

Guests are very welcome!